Непознаването на закона не е извинение.
(Латинска сентенция)

Commercial and Corporate Law

Consultations and rendering legal assistance by qualified lawyers in connection with:

○ Equity, assets and shares in LLC or PLC. Change /increase and decrease/ in the equity. Ltd membership, membership acquisition, transfer or termination. Partners’ rights and obligations. Partner expulsion, change of a manager, procurator appointment. Company management and termination, drawing up contracts for purchase and sales of company shares, in-kind contributions to the equity of commercial partnerships.

Defence through imposition of provisional (interim) measures /precautionary measures to secure a claim before or after it is lodged/. Registration of non-profit legal entities /associations, foundations, sports clubs/, changes in the circumstances and striking off the register.

○ Submission of financial statements for publication by the Companies Register at the Registry Agency.

○ Comprehensive legal services for trading companies, cooperatives, non-profit legal entities, subscription-based monthly services on legal matters.